Watch Selena Gomez Hitch a Ride with Paul Rudd in Trailer for Netflix’s "The Fundamentals of Caring"

Image Group LA/ABCCatch your first glimpse of Selena Gomez as a young runaway in the trailer for her new Netflix movie, The Fundamentals of Caring.

The film stars Paul Rudd as a caregiver who begins working with a wheelchair-bound teenager. He takes the teen on a road trip to break him out of his dreary routine, and along the way they pick up Selena’s character — a street-wise hitchhiker.

Funny enough, the trailer also contains a couple of Katy Perry references. The teen in the film has a huge crush on the pop star. Earlier this month there were rumors Selena was trying to steal Katy’s man in real life, Orlando Bloom. For the record, Katy and Orlando are still going strong.

The Fundamentals of Caring will premiere June 24 on Netflix.

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