"Lost Boy" Singer Ruth B Says Music Is Her Own Personal Peter Pan

Jiro SchniederCanadian singer/songwriter Ruth B has been watching her Peter Pan-inspired hit “Lost Boy” climb the charts for months.  The song’s success is doubly surprising for Ruth, considering that she never meant to write it in the first place.

Initially, “Lost Boy” was simply a musical snippet that Ruth posted on Vine one day, with no intention of turning it into a song.  “I was just playing with my phone and my keyboard, and I was singing random words and I happened to sing, ‘I’m a lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan,'” she tells ABC Radio.

“And I just kind of posted it just ‘cause it kept ringing through my head. I never ever, ever, ever expected to turn it into a full song. Definitely not.”

What was even more unexpected, says Ruth, is the fact that fans started clamoring for her to turn the snippet into a full song.   “After that, every tweet, every email, every comment was, ‘We want “Lost Boy,”‘ says Ruth.

“And so I definitely felt pressure [to deliver], but I also felt excitement,” she adds. “I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited in my life, just because people wanted something from me, and that felt really good.”

As the song’s online popularity grew, she was offered record deals, and Ruth, who was studying to be a lawyer, finally started to realize that that she could have a career in music. 

“I just had no idea how, considering I’m from Edmonton, [Canada]; music’s not a big thing there,” she tells ABC Radio. “But once labels started showing interest and wanted me to do this, that’s when I was like, ‘OK, maybe this can actually be my life now, not just a hobby.’”

For Ruth, music turned out to be her own personal Peter Pan.

“Peter Pan is kind of this metaphor for someone or something that makes you feel at home, that brings you out of loneliness, that makes you free,” she explains. “And that’s exactly what music does for me.” 

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