Train's "Led Zeppelin II" Club Tour Ends Tonight, Album Made Them "Better," Band Says

ABC/Randy HolmesThey’ve played L.A, New York City and Seattle, and stopped off at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the way, but tonight in San Francisco, Train finishes up their club tour in support of their album Train Does Led Zeppelin II.  While Train fans — and yes, some Led Zeppelin fans, too — have enjoyed this unusual project, Train themselves believe it’s actually made them a better band.

“Doing a Led Zeppelin album in its entirety was challenging for everybody to learn their individual parts,” Train singer Pat Monahan tells ABC Radio. “And then putting it together just made us a closer, better group of people.”

Not to mention, notes Monahan, that he and the guys have been having a blast performing their favorite band’s music.  During the club shows, they not only performed all of Led Zep II, but they encored with songs from Led Zeppelin IV.

“We really have fun doing it. Like, it’s a lot of fun,” Monahan says. “We sweat and run around, and it’s challenging at every moment, y’know?”

Of course, Train has also come under fire on social media for “daring” to cover such a classic album from such a legendary band.  To that, Monahan says, “I think nothing worth doing doesn’t get challenged like that. So I can accept that.” 

It’s worth nothing that all of Train’s proceeds from the Led Zeppelin album go to their favorite charity, San Francisco’s Family House.  And of course, if you’d prefer to see Train play their big hits, they’ll be on the road in August with their pal Andy Grammer.

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