Find Out Which Hairstyle Nick Jonas Won’t Be Trying

Randall SlavinLast year may have been complicated for Nick Jonas, but these days he likes to keep it simple. That goes for everything from his tour bus snacks to his current hairstyle.

Nick, who kicks off his joint tour with Demi Lovato June 24, tells People magazine, “I need lots of water on the bus because I get dehydrated really quickly. A good bowl of cereal is key at the end of the night too. I like a Honey Nut Cheerios situation. I keep it simple with the classics. That’s kind of my M.O.”

He also says he won’t be going the Justin Bieber route and dying his hair platinum any time soon. He prefers the natural look. “The buzz is easy to manage,” he says. “Maybe at some point I’ll grow my hair back out really curly like I used to have it. But it’s such a project. It adds about 20 minutes to the day, getting ready every morning.”

One trend from his youth he definitely won’t be repeating? Wearing Ed Hardy clothes. “Looking back on that, it was kind of a rough point for everyone,” he says.

Meanwhile, Nick’s longtime crush — Shania Twain — gave him a shoutout on Twitter Tuesday. “Excited to listen to the new @nickjonas album,” she wrote.”Can’t wait to hear what he’s been working on!”

To which an excited Nick responded, “You just made my day. I hope you like the album!”

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