Nick Jonas: Into Spanking, Not Into Being Tied Up

Randall SlavinIf you’re going to spend some sexytime with Nick Jonas, it’s helpful to know what he does and doesn’t like in bed, right?  Fortunately, last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen got Nick to spill on his turn-ons, and turn-offs.

Andy asked Nick about a variety of sexual fetishes and whether or not he’s ever been into them — or, if not, would he be into trying them.  Nick said he’s all for spanking because he’s got a “firm” butt, but he’s not into being tied up: he says he was, once, and it wasn’t a good experience.  He doesn’t know where he stands on furries, and when it comes to voyeurism, he’s a “maybe.”

Nick further said he’s not into getting it on in public places, and he’s never understood foot fetishes.  As for pulling hair, he says his is so short, “if you can figure that out, you deserve it.”  He’s not into “watching porn in the bedroom with someone,” either.

As for why he was even discussing this in the first place, Cohen said it was because Nick told Entertainment Weekly that if someone asked him about his sexual fetishes directly, he’d probably reveal them.

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