Ryan Drenner, of Chippewa Resources of Denver, Colorado, gave Lee County Board of Supervisors and others a tour of work being done by the Dakota Access Company. The construction company is laying pipe from the Bakken Oil Fields in Northwest North Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

Work is continuing the Mississippi River near Sandusky where the pipeline is coming from the River, under the Railroad tracks, under a street and up a hill. The excess sand from the river is being placed at a location off Carbide Lane.

The pipeline will be crossing into Illinois where work is being done in Hancock County between Hamilton and Nauvoo and East of Elvaston. Safety is the main concern for the workers and they are trained through the time they are working.

The group then traveled up Highway 218 near Charleston where topsoil is being removed for placing of the pipe and then traveled North of Donnellson where the topsoil was being reclaimed and has already been inspected.