The Lee County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning, August 30th, at the Lee County Conservation building north of Montrose.

On the agenda after a discussion approved a resolution to set the election for a bond referendum for one county courthouse and administration building at a cost of $8.5 million dollars on a 3 to 2 vote. Supervisor Gary Folluo was wanting the wording on the referendum on the ballot so voters could understand what they were voting for.

The Board approved the Federal Aid Agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation for a bridge on Abel Road over Sugar Creek Southwest of Donnellson with monies coming from the federal government. The Board approved a federal aid agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation for a surface project on 243rd avenue which is the old Highway 61 North of Keokuk in the Summitville area. The 4.3 mile stretch of road would cast one point 435 million dollars with the federal government paying 80% of the cost.

The Board approved the replacement of a Clerk in the Recorder’s office, approved a Class C Liquor License for Boonies Bar and Grill in rural Fort Madison, approved the User Fee Rate changes for the Lee County Ambulance service for ALS-1 emergency from $675.00 to $695.00, BLS $355.00 to $365.00, BLS emergency $565.00 to $585.00, ALS-2 from $975.00 to $1,005.00 and SCT from $1,150.00 to $1,185.00.

The Board also approved Greg Lemke as a new hire for Russ. Tammy Myers transferring from recorder’s office to community services, Kimberly Spear a step increase for the recorder’s office. The transfer for Zach Fuller and Daniel Mehl for the secondary roads department, a step increase for Jeana Vradenburg for the Health Department and the hiring of Dakota Foley as a Deputy in the Lee County Sheriff’s office.