A Keokuk man has been sentenced to prison Monday, August 29th in Mclean County, Illinois.

Harlan Mohr, 79, was arrested on charges of sexually abusing four minor girls during dozens of incidents that spanned a decade. The victims spoke of scars being left by the trauma caused by the abuse, the nightmares and trust issues they have in relationships.

Judge Casey Costigan denied probation and sentenced Mohr to 3 1/2 years on each count to be served concurrently and must also register as a sex offender. Costigan noted Mohr’s advanced age and a determination by a sex offender evaluator that Mohr does not need treatment and is a low risk to re-offend. Mohr could have been sentenced to 7 years for the aggravated criminal sexual abuse charges.

Judge Costigan postponed Mohr’s transfer to the department of corrections for 60 days to give the defense time to file a possible appeal which may include two issues raised during a motion for a new trial. Mohr was an employee at Kerr Fabrications in 1966, became a part owner in 1975 and sole owner in 1996 before selling the business in 2011.