A Des Moines, Iowa woman was arrested on September 1st after protesting at the Bakken Oil Pipeline Construction site near Sandusky. 35 year old Jessica Reznicek was holding up a sign near the site and constructed a barrier by stacking used tires across the entrance to the site along Mississippi River Road where the pipeline company is boring underneath the river.

Reznicek was later arrested by Lee County Sheriff’s officers about an hour later and was held in the Lee County Jail. Reznicek who is a member of the Des Moines Catholic Worker Community had been arrested many times while protesting and had recently spent 72 hours in jail after a direct action protest of another issue.

According to the Associated Press, Governor Terry Branstad said that he would authorize the Iowa State Patrol to deal with protesters who could try to stop construction of the 3.8 billion dollar pipeline.

The Iowa Utilities Board approved the construction of the pipeline which will run 1,172 miles through Iowa, Illinois, North and South Dakota. Branstad said that pipeline protesters should accept the Board’s approval of the project and not break the law. The main concerns for the protesters are to protect the water. They also feel that the oil companies are the only ones making money on the project. No comment was made by Access Energy.