The Lee County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, September 6th at the Lee County Jail Conference Room North of Montrose.On the agenda several people talked to the board about raising the minimum wage in Lee County. Currently, the wage is the state minimum at $7.25 an hour. Lee County right now is rating 16.2% in poverty and 23.2% for children in poverty.

It has either been a choice of food or medicine for some residents. Some businesses have been paying employees over the minimum wage, which has helped to attract employees. The

businesses felt that if they paid the minimum they would have problems getting employees to work for the minimum wage because it is not enough money to make a living.

The federal minimum wage has not been raised for nine years. The raise would be in one year increments for the next three years, which would most likely eventually raise the rate to $10.10 an hour. The Board decided to have Supervisors Matt Phlug and Don Hunold head the committee to look into it with several other members of groups. The Board approved to set a public hearing for September 20th at 9:01am for the FY 2017 Budget Amendment.

The Board approved a resolution opposing a rate hike by Liberty Utilities. Keokuk Mayor, Tom Marion, said that he and City Administrator, Aaron Burnett, were working on some document. There will be a forum on Thursday, September 15th at 5:30 pm at Hawthorne Elementary school in Keokuk for residents to answer questions about the possible rate increase.

The Board approved a Tax Abatement for Brock and Victoria Walker of Fort Madison for a pole building, approved hiring Deborah Breeden, as Finance Manager for RUSS and approved Linda Beck as a temporary Elections Clerk in the Lee County Auditor’s Office.