New Keokuk School District Superintendent Meets the Community

Keokuk community members were introduced to the school district’s new superintendent Thursday afternoon. Christine Barnes shook hands and got to know residents of Keokuk for nearly 2 hours from 5 until 7PM Thursday and it appeared that every one of the 50 to 60 people she talked to left impressed. Christine spoke about what it was about Keokuk that caused her to move from southwest Michigan to join the district.

Barnes’ husband Keith was on hand and while met several of the school district staff for the first time he also saw a lot of familiar faces from his hometown. Barnes also went on to say that the transition from Colon Community Schools in Michigan to Keokuk has gone very smoothly because of the hospitality of the residents.

Barnes began at the Keokuk School District on August 1st, over 3 weeks before the school year begins on August 26th.