Keokuk School District Enrollment Remains Constant, Early Retirement Incentive Offered

The enrollment at Keokuk School District appears to be holding steady from last year’s numbers. At the Keokuk School Board’s regular meeting Monday night, district business manager Heidi Harness notified the board that the 2017-18 overall enrollment numbers are at 1 thousand 911 students which is down just 2 students in aggregate from 2016’s 1 thousand 913. Students open enrolling or tuitioning out of the district is up from 133 in 2016 to 138 this year but open enrolls in are at 14 which is up from 10 last year. Preschool numbers are also up from 142 certified students last year to 150 currently. Harness explained that these are the preliminary numbers that were sent to the state and they should be made official before the next meeting after the Iowa Department of Education has a chance to verify them.


Keokuk School District will offer early retirement incentives for instructors during the 2017-18 school year. 1st year Superintendent Christine Barnes described the formula for retirement incentives that has been decided on and approved by the finance committee. For this year only, teachers who have accumulated 12 or more years with the district will be eligible for a one-time payment of 10% of their current salary. Teachers with more than 12 years of service will receive an extra 1% of their salary up to a maximum of 23 thousand dollars. Board Chair Janne Long explained that the board saved money to offer this incentive after not offering the incentive last year. According to Long, if the district’s certified enrollment numbers remain constant, the board will not have to offer early incentives for retirement in the near future. The incentive package was unanimously approved by the board of education.