ISP Officer Jason Marlowe Talks Pedestrian Safety

The community of Keokuk, Iowa knows all too well the dangers that pedestrians face from motor vehicles. It was 3 weeks ago that Hawthorne Elementary School teacher Kirsten Wrieden passed away as the result of being struck by a motor vehicle while walking in the early morning hours before work. Iowa State Patrol Spokesman Jason Marlow gave a list of precautions that both motorists and pedestrians can take to minimize the chance of tragedy striking. For pedestrians, the first guideline, according to Marlow, is to be cognizant of your location and timing.

Jason Marlow encourages motor vehicle drivers to be cognizant of the fact that pedestrians are present near a lot of roadways, even some that we might not expect.

Marlow also cautioned that similar to avoiding collisions with deer, motorists should watch their speed to avoid any accidents involving pedestrians.