Lee County Supervisors at Odds over Keokuk Courthouse Again

The Lee County Board of Supervisors did not hold a regular meeting Tuesday morning as it fell on the 5th Tuesday of the month but the board did meet. A special session took place at 11AM at the County Jail with the only item on the agenda being discussion regarding  a change order to the tuckpointing project at the South Lee County Courthouse. John Hansen of Midwest Construction Consultants explained to the board that several issues have been found with the mortar in the Clock tower of the Keokuk courthouse and as a result 96 thousand dollars in change orders would have to be approved to stabilize the clock tower. Hansen explained that when braces were put on the tower to rotate it back to its original position it compromised much of the brick mortar in the tower. The board discussed the change order and agreed to look into it later as Ron Fedler stated his constituents did not agree to fix up the courthouse but that they should have the right to vote on the work at both Lee County Courthouses.