2nd Canine Arrives in Lee County

Just over a month after Lee County’s first canine Gunner was introduced in late-September at a Lee county board of supervisors meeting, the 2nd dog has arrived in the county. Kion has joined the Lee County Sheriff’s department where he will be paired with deputy Dakota Foley to form the county’s second canine unit to combat crime and assist in emergency situations. Kion is a young German Shepherd just like Gunner and Foley stated that he has spend the last few days building a relationship with his new canine partner. At this time Kion and Gunner have not been introduced but Foley explained that they too will begin to get acclimated soon as they will be required to work together at times.  Beginning Monday, Kion and Deputy Foley will head to Fort Dodge for just over a month of training before beginning their patrols back in Lee County in early December.2