Sanders-Galvez Takes the Stand In His Own Defense

During the last day of testimony and cross-examination Thursday, the defendant in the 1st degree murder trial, Jorge Sanders-Galvez, took the stand in his own defense. Sanders-Galvez stated that he did not murder 16 year old gender fluid student Kadarie Johnson or anyone for that matter. The defendant claimed that he was at the house where the murder allegedly took place but that fellow suspect Jaron Purham disappeared for some time which prompted Sanders-Galvez to begin walking to another friend’s house at which point he encountered Purham who asked Sanders-Galvez to hold onto the revolver that is believed to have been used to murder Johnson. Sanders-Galvez is the registered owner of the handgun and when confronted about the fact he claims that he bought the weapon for a friend using that friend’s money. Closing arguments by both the prosecution and defense were made Friday morning and the case is expected to go to the jury around noon Friday in the 1st degree murder trial.