Jury Convicts Sanders-Galvez of 1st Degree Murder

The 1st degree murder trial that was moved to Keokuk last month concluded Friday at the South Lee county Courthouse. Friday afternoon the jury of 9 women and 3 men announced that it had found 23 year old Missouri resident Jorge Sanders-Galvez guilty of the 1st degree murder of 16 year old gender-fluid Burlington student Kedarie Johnson. The trial lasted just over a week and the jury only need a couple of hours of deliberation before they announced that the state had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Sanders-Galvez was guilty of the murder. In the state of Iowa 1st degree murder carries a minimum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole and Sanders-Galvez will now wait until December 18th for his sentencing. The defense requested a separate hearing for the defendant’s sentencing after being notified that Katrina Johnson, the mother of the victim had prepared a victim statement for sentencing. Jaron Purham, the cousin of the defendant, is also a suspect in the murder and his trial will take place separately at a later date.