Keokuk City Council Discusses Streets

During the workshop portion of Thursday’s Keokuk City Council meeting, a broad discussion took place regarding the state of the streets in Keokuk. The city has been hamstrung regarding repairing many of the city’s streets due to the fact that they are scheduled to be torn up over the next 13 years for the Sewer Separation project that has been mandated by the EPA. City administrator Aaron Burnett stated that the sewer department has been looking into highly travelled streets that will not be affected by the sewer separation but a new problem has arisen. According to Burnett, many of the streets that were looked at, including 13th street between Palean and Johnson, have significant point repairs that need to be made to the sewer lines beneath them. Councilman Roger Bryant stated that something needs to be done wherever possible while Mike O’Connor stated that at the end of the day the issues with the sewers are as significant as the state of the streets above them. Susan Dunek questioned whether, come budget time, it would be in the city’s interest to add staff to the sewer department to bolster the point repair effort.