Lee County Conservation Agrees to Form Waterfowl Subcommittee

It appears as though persistence may be paying off for Waterfowl enthusiasts in Lee county. After months of public comments at Lee County Conservation Board meetings, some of which got pretty heated, duck hunters have received a concession from the board. According to a press release from Lee County Conservation, the board is seeking volunteers to serve on a duck blind policy subcommittee to help develop a permanent solution to replace the current pending permanent duck blind ban that was enacted over the summer. The idea was put forth by Donnellson resident Brandon Ruffcorn at a conservation board meeting in early August when duck hunters were made aware of the upcoming ban on permanent blinds on county-owned Mississippi riverfront property. Conservation Director Nathan Unsworth stated that the goal of forming the subcommittee is to find a solution that is palatable to both hunters and the conservation board. Selection of the Duck Hunting Policy Committee will begin at the next conservation board meeting on Tuesday November 14th.