Our sales manager Holly is a radio promotion machine. If you want your company on the air, getting all the exposure and business it could, Holly is your go to person. She knows the best way to promote you and your brand name to the tri-state area.

Holly was born and raised in Keokuk and is the baby of the family and the only girl. She has a lot of fond memories of growing up in Keokuk. Holly’s family  moved away her freshman year of high school due to her fathers job, so she graduated from Louisa Muscatine High School in Letts, IA. The Flood of 93 brought them back to Keokuk. Holly is the mother of 4 boys; Andrew, Amos, Jeremiah, and Jonah and has one grandson named Kamden. She has 25+ years of management behind her belt with 10 in the news media. Holly loves working with the public and hanging out at the bowling alley. All of her sons have bowled since they were a very young age along with bowling herself for several years.


You can reach Holly with all your advertising needs and questions at hollye@radiokeokuk.com