Radio Keokuk is so proud of the success that our morning show 93 Now has become and want to thank all of our faithful listeners. While the show is temporarily on hiatus right now, as we adapt to our many changes and new hosts, rest assured it will be back. Keeping you informed and in the know on all of your news makers in the Tri-State area.


November 27, 2017- Keokuk Library Foundation Board Member Duane Taylor


November 22, 2017- KPlay Playgrounds President Tyler McGhghy


November 21, 2017- Central Lee School District Superintendent Andy Crozier


November 20, 2017- Preservation Consultant Neal Vogel and Keokuk Union Depot Foundation President Janet Smith


November 17, 2017- Lee County Health Department LPN Jackie Booth


November 15, 2017- City of Christmas Organizers Jean Meyer and Joe Shuman


November 14, 2017- New Keokuk High School Show Choir Instructor Katie Sullivan


November 13, 2017- Keokuk City Administrator Aaron Burnett


November 10, 2017- Lee County Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Cirinna


November 9, 2017- Tonya Boltz from the Keokuk Public Library


November 8, 2017- Lee County Supervisor Gary Folluo


November 7, 2017- Keokuk High School Civics Teacher Pat Hogan and KHS Principal Adam Magliari


November 6, 2017- Central Lee FFA Officers Remy Wellman, Lyndsey Paden, Katie Burdette, and Cole Moeller